Hocus Pocus Farm

Additional Shares


These add-ons can help you create your own full-spectrum CSA to provide fresh, local and affordable food and flowers for your family.


Flower Shares

Add flowers to your vegetable share! We grow a wide variety of cut flowers including zinnias, cosmos, gladiolas, echinacea, salvia, black-eyed susans, asters, dahlias, sunflowers, and plenty more. 

The flower share add-on provides a bouquet of seasonal flowers on selected weeks throughout the CSA season. We grow all of the flowers and hand-make all bouquets.

The cost of the add-on is $50 (4 weeks) or $80 (8 weeks).

The weeks that flowers will be provided will be determined by Hocus Pocus Farm, based on availability and season.


We also provide flowers for events!

Contact us for more information.


In collaboration with Mapleville Farm Bakery in Mapleville, we're able to offer a bread share add-on which will provide members with a fresh, handmade loaf of bread every week. Types of bread will be baked on a rotating basis, with the bakers specifically tailoring loaves to compliment the produce available that particular week.


Note: Only available on THURSDAY pickups in Cumberland & Woonsocket.

The cost of this add-on is $100. 1 loaf per week for 18 weeks.

Click logo to visit Mapleville Farm's website

Click logo to visit Mapleville Farm's website

Chicken Shares

New in 2017, Hocus Pocus Farm will be raising our own grass-pastured chickens.  The CSA chicken share add-on provides members with 5 freshly frozen chickens distributed throughout the season, raised by us in Chepachet.

Dressed chickens weigh on average 4.5 pounds and are processed at a Rhode Island USDA certified facility. 

The cost of the add on is $99.

Chickens included in the CSA come to approximately $4.40/lb.


MEAT and egg shares

In collaboration with Deep Roots Farm in Chepachet, we're excited to announce that we will be offering meat and egg shares during the 2017 season. Deep Roots Farm is run by Katie Steere and utilizes a system of rotational grazing to provide the highest quality beef, pork, and chicken. 

Just Eggs

  • Dozen/week - $103.50
  • Half Dozen/week - $63

Pork, Beef, and Eggs

  • Whole Share- $400 ($25 bonus) - $425 in credit
  • Half Share- $200 ($10 bonus) - $210 in credit

The meat shares will work a little differently in that you’ll be able to pick out exactly what you want and they will be delivered with your order the first week of every month. We’ll send you a reminder email the week before delivery and you’ll let us know what you’d like. We’ll deduct the order from your credit and let you know your remaining balance. You can buy as little or as much as you’d like each month as long as you use the entire share by the end of the season!

Click logo to visit Deep Roots Farm's website.

Click logo to visit Deep Roots Farm's website.